On average, each visit should cover expenses for travel and subsistence for three (3) experts from non-EU institutions for five (5) working days on the following topics:

  1. Best practices in risk analysis process (animal disease, pests risk analysis, food safety);
  2. Animal disease controls (international standards/regionalisation);
  3. August 2018 - B8e Terms of reference Global Price Page 9 of 19
  4. Regulatory procedures for the listing of food establishments and registration of food products;
  5. Best practices in risk-based inspection and audit;
  6. Laboratory expertise (sampling and analyses of contaminants and/or pathogens);
  7. Organization of food safety and crisis management;
  8. Risk communication, consumer information.

The EU Commission has tentatively identified the following target countries for this activity:

  • 4 study or training visits from / to China and EU countries;
  • 2 study or training visits from / to India and EU countries;
  • 2 study or training visits for other countries (e.g. Korea, Japan, Thailand). The selection of the target country for these study visits will be determined during the inception phase.

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